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Are Memory Foam Pillows Worth The Money?

Better Sleep With Memory Foam Pillow

Good sleep is what you need for a fresh and happy day. If your sleep isn’t refreshing and comfortable, maybe it is your bedding essentials that are causing the issue. 

For best bedtime comfort, pillows play a supreme role. Memory foam pillows are on top of the list in the innovative sleeping essentials. They are more expensive than regular pillows available in the market, but memory foam pillows are definitely worth the money.

Advantages of Memory Foam Pillow

You must be thinking, why I should pay more for a memory foam pillow? Are they really worth the cost?

If you want to know whether memory foam pillows will deliver actual value for your money, here are the advantages of these pillows over other generic options available in the market.

1. Neck Cricks Healer

Neck cricks are the worst! It occurs mostly due to uneven and awkward neck postures. The murky material of memory foam pillow makes the neck firm.

Neck Pain – Athletic Running Woman with Injury

It also avoids cramps in the neck from getting into awkward positions as the pillow adjusts according to the body’s posture.

2. Aligns Spine

For people with jobs that require sitting all day or standing most of the time, these pillows are worth the money.

Every one out of four persons experiences backaches in their life. As memory foam pillows straighten up your neck and support the spine to be aligned accordingly. Spine imposture is the main reason for back pains, and it highly depends on how you sleep.

3. Moulds according to Your Head

The best thing about memory foam pillow is that it moulds itself according to the shape of your head. It is what makes it a lot better than ordinary feather or latex pillows.

4. Adjustable

Do you spend the whole night adjusting your pillow and still don’t get the exact required adjustment? If you buy a memory foam pillow, it will mould and adapt quickly without needing to be adjusted. It adjusts itself according to your posture.

5. Sizes and Shapes Available

Getting a pillow of your required size and shape is a struggle. Despite being adjustable and moldable, memory foam pillows are available in various sizes and shapes, so that you can choose the size that suits your needs best.

6. Contouring and Support

Memory foam pillow is famous for its ability to conform according to the shape of your neck and shoulders. It contours and supports your head to provide support and prevent uneasy posture.

7. Medical Aid

Due to their unique properties, memory foam pillows are used as a therapeutic aid for patients. These medicated pillows are the most recommended bed essentials by doctors for their patients. 

8. Pressure Point Relief

Due to its contouring ability, it prevents headache. It’s conforming nature, provides comfort to the pressure points of neck, head, and shoulders by providing a relaxing sleeping posture. 

9. Prevents Snoring

Snoring is so annoying not only for you but even more for your sleep partner. It is such an embarrassing thing, but now you can have control over it.

Irritated Woman in Bed with Snoring Husband at Home

Ordinary pillows tend to block your air passages by tilting the head upwards. Memory foam pillows mold according to your neck, keeping your air passages open and relaxed – thus leading to a snore-free sleep.

10. Hypoallergenic

Memory foam pillow is worth the money you spend on it because it is naturally manufactured using hypoallergenic material. This material obstructs the growth of bacteria that promotes dust allergies and skin rashes.

It is especially recommended for asthma patients; unlike feather or cotton pillows, it avoids the micro fluffs from getting in the air and being inhaled by chance.

11. Sturdy

When compared with ordinary pillows, its material and properties make it more durable. It is long-lasting than many feather or cotton-pillows that sit flat within a short period of use. So, the money spent will be utilized well.

12. May Aid in Sleep Apnea

The primary cause of sleep apnea is a breathing disorder and snoring. Not only do these pillows prevent snoring and help enhance breathing during sleep, but also align the airways and allow better breathing. It may benefit people with sleep apnea because of the shortage of pressure points.

Tips for Buying Perfect Memory Foam Pillow

Here are some of the tips to buy a memory foam pillow that is perfect for you:

  • Determine what type of pillow suits your body.
  • Keep in mind the purpose for which you need the pillow and choose the shape accordingly.
  • Choose a trustworthy manufacturer or brand to buy.
  • It is better to purchase pillow accessories (such as pillow covers) along with the pillow.
  • If you are buying for bed, choose the size that suits your bed size.
  • Memory foam pillow makes a perfect pair with a memory foam mattress.

Choose the Right Memory Foam Pillow

There are different types of memory foam pillows for different body types and purposes. It is vital to choose the optimal pillow according to your requirement, instead of picking a random one.

Following are some types of memory foam pillows you can opt from:

1. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

It is similar to traditional pillows because of its shredded filling and it contains the regular material but in a shredded form. It leaves more room for your body to breathe, relax, and adjust.

2. Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This innovative pillow is a hot seller. It features two ridges, one on the upper crease layer of memory foam, and the other on the lower crease layer of memory foam.

3. Wedge Memory Foam Pillow

As the name indicates, they are shaped like a wedge. They can be used for several purposes because of their versatile style.

4. Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Memory foam neck pillows are made to support your neck. It will keeps the neck aligned.

Memory foam neck pillow is shaped like a snake that you can comfortably put around your neck. It helps in preventing travel aches and stiff neck and gives a comfortable nap on an uncomfortable ride.

How to Use a Memory Foam Pillow

Make sure the flat side of the pillow on the bed’s surface and the curvy side on the top. Place it in such a position that larger side is directed towards the foot of the bed. Just put your head onto it and let it sink in.

The pillow will feel hard at first, but after a few moments, you will feel the pillow conforming to your neck, head, and shoulders.

Use it just like a regular pillow; it molds according to your body, so use it the way your body is comfortable. If you are a patient, use it as prescribed by your doctor.


By now, you know almost all the essential details related to the memory foam pillow. You are currently in a better condition to purchase; you can also get your hands on this comfy product online. These pillows are definitely worth the money you invest in them for reaping all these benefits.

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